Kalox Stars Training Area

Do you love craft, live performances, and theater? Of course, you do. So join a talented team building and implementing innovative technology changing how the entertainment industry operates.

Our Commitment

Our company is diverse, our crew and talent are fun, and we make one incredible team. We revel in the joy of helping create memorable experiences in the creative arts industry and on-screen. The mission is clear: to transform our industry by streamlining how great content is made.

Start: Getting Started as a Crew Member

Learn the basics of your role as a Film Crew Member to master your craft. We help you get professional courses from experts worldwide.

Kalox Academy helps you find all types of film crew positions online anytime, anywhere.

Start: Getting Started as a Screen Actor

Learn the basics of Screen Acting to master your craft. Get to know every aspect of filmmaking and affiliation between you, Crew Members, and Directors. We help you get professional courses that will help you master screen Acting at your fingertip from experts worldwide. 

Start: Getting Started as a Talent

Learn the basics of becoming a successor talent to help boost your craft and wealth. Get to know every aspect of becoming a successor talent on the Kalox Academy platform. We help you get professional courses to help you succeed in your journey from experts worldwide.

Learn and Earn

Individually, we bring our unique perspectives to reimagine how knowledge is shared. Together, we can improve lives by empowering our employees, talents, investors, and businesses.

When people feel supported, everyone benefits. We know that doesn’t just happen, but we’re dedicated to making it a reality. We’re building teams as diverse as the people who use our platform. That way, we learn to see things from every perspective.

Our Priority

Why keep the knowledge to yourself? We’d rather share it with the people who need it most. We improve the lives of the Stars and Clients we serve — using our platform to empower theirs.

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