Film Production Affiliation

At Kalox Media, we aim to support film production houses in achieving their film projects and scaling their earnings for future projects. We also aim to connect film production houses with local and international entertainment companies for better opportunities.

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Why Affiliate with Kalox Media?

At Kalox Media, we want to help revolutionize the film industry through digital media. In the entertainment industry, we focus on buying, learning, streaming, hiring, renting, and sharing various online content forms, utilizing the latest technologies. Our international partners will help rebrand the Sierra Leone Film industry to meet international standards. The company is ready to connect filmmakers with thousands of local and international clients.

Film Equipment

We aim to make professional Filmmaking equipment available to all filmmakers in Sierra Leone to help produce high-quality movies. With high-quality Filmmaking equipment, filmmakers will start to realize their craft and scale their earnings.

Film Studio

The company believes that when filmmakers feel supported and empowered, everyone benefits. We are ready to help promote and market African movies, film Launching, and shootings across Sierra Leone.

The Company also aims to establish a Film Studio in Sierra Leone to help produce high-quality movies and Music Videos that fit international standards.

Streaming Website

Kalox Media aims to establish a professional streaming platform that helps showcase Sierra Leone’s Movies and TV Shows worldwide. That means to upscale filmmaker’s brands and power their earnings to master their craft.

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