Upskill at the pace of change and grow from there

We’re the Leading Stars Agency in Africa

At Kalox Stars, we build the skills to support a trust and inclusion culture. We give ourselves the tools to lead, motivate, and engage hybrid teams. We provide a platform that’s tailored to your needs.

Engage, Develop, and Retain Yourself

  • Cultivate a learning culture at your company
  • Support your workforce throughout the employee lifecycle
  • Invest in your employees’ growth and development

Grow your craft and business by offering top-rated courses on the topics you need to stay current, develop, and innovate.

Talent Resources Guide

Your workforce can be ready for whatever comes your way with the support of a resources guide. Get the best equipment that will help scale your career as a talent.

Get Digital Payment Method as a Talent

  • Use your online account to shop anything online and collect money anywhere and anytime.
  • Store your money on your Mobile Phone and get access to it anytime and anywhere.
  • Get 24/7 online customer support with professionals anytime and anywhere.

Make Money With Kalox Store

The Kalox Affiliate Program helps Talents, content creators, publishers, and bloggers monetize their Audience. With hundreds of projects and programs on the Kalox Store, affiliates use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations and earn from qualifying purchases and programs.

Sell Your Products on Kalox Store as a Talent

Ready to sell? Kalox customers buy roughly 5,200 products per day. Build, grow, and scale your brand with us. We have a proven customer experience and cutting-edge advertising and marketing solutions.

Africa’s fastest-growing and preferred platform for small and large businesses. Build a better entrepreneurship life and scale your brand with different ideas across Africa.

Get Inspired by Successful People

Individually, we bring our unique perspectives to reimagine the way knowledge is shared. Together, we can improve lives by empowering talents, investors, and businesses.

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