The Kalox Stars team will help advertise and market your Film Launching Tickets on our platform to reach thousands of Sierra Leoneans across your City/State/District or Region. We are proud of being able to help your audience find and purchase what they need on our platform.

Membership Subscription Fee

The Kalox Stars Website Platform is required to keep your Show, Even, Party, or Payable Program Membership Profile Active. Program Organizers, owners, or Companies MUST Pay a Subscription Fee of NLe 800 to keep their Website Membership Profiles Active.  

As an Active Member on the Kalox Platform, content creators, bloggers, TikTokers, influencers, and clients can fully access your Active Membership Profile ONLINE to buy or promote your Show, Even, Party, or Payable Program Membership Profile Active Tickets nationwide.

Please complete the form below to set up your NLe 800 Website Membership Profile. This membership subscription Profile will expire after your show or event.

NOTE: The Active Membership Profile fee will EXPIRE after your SHOW or EVENT, and it’s not Refundable if your SHOW or EVENT is CANCELED.

Tickets Marketing Terms and Conditions

TICKETS MARKETING TERMS: These Ticket Marketing Terms bind Kalox Media (Kalox Stars Agency) and Show Organizers/Show Owners/Companies. These ticket marketing Terms define that Show Organizers/Show Owners/Companies can get 70% Per Ticket Sold.

The Kalox Media (Kalox Stars Agency) Team will deduct 30% from each Ticket Sold. 15% will go to the Kalox Stars Team, and 15% to our Affiliate Marketers (Bloggers, TikTokers, Content Creators, and Influencers).

Affiliate Marketers (Bloggers, TikTokers, Content Creators, and Influencers) are the ones who will be promoting your tickets across multiple channels, including WhatsApp, to reach your potential audiences and empower your earnings.

When people buy a Show/Event Ticket through Kalox Affiliate Links, the Kalox team is happy because we make a profit. Affiliates are also excited because they get a commission. Show Organizers/Show Owners/Companies are also pleased because they sell tickets, and Customers are satisfied because they bought Tickets. So, it’s a win-win situation where everybody wins.

Understand how the Kalox Affiliate Program Work.

Welcome to Kalox Media’s (Stars) most extensive advertising platform in Sierra Leone. The Kalox Stars advertising platform helps reach small and large businesses’ desired audiences in the shortest possible time and grow their earnings quickly and easily.

We also have Dubai-based professionals specializing in Paid Campaigns on all channels to reach your desired audiences.  The Kalox Stars team works alongside content creators, influencers, and bloggers through an Affiliate Program.

Affiliate Program

The Kalox Affiliate programs work by allowing individuals (affiliate Marketers) to promote and sell products or services of a company in exchange for a commission on each sale. The Kalox Affiliate Program helps content creators, publishers, TikTokers, and bloggers monetize their traffic (Audiences).

With Millions of products and hundreds of projects and programs on the Kalox Store and Kalox Stars Agency platform. Affiliate Marketers use easy link-building tools to direct their audience to their recommendations and earn from qualifying purchases.

With your active profile on the Kalox Stars Agency platform, content creators, influencers, TikTokers, and Bloggers can promote your TICKETS on all social media platforms, including WhatsApp, to reach your desired audience and grow your company’s earnings fast and efficiently.

With all that, we are proud of being able to help your audience find and purchase what they need on our platform.

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