At Kalox Stars Agency, we represent, market, and promote Actors, Models, Musicians, Film Directors, Video Editors, Camera Operators, Scriptwriters, Film Producers, Boom Operators, Makeup Artists, Comedians, Bloggers, influencers, TV and Radio Presenters, Painters, Voice-Over Actors, Poets, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Music Video Directors, Video Vixens, Music Producers, Music Composers, DJs, Fashion Designers, Entrepreneurs, Production Designers, Art Directors, production coordinators, Stunt coordinators, Location Scouts, Production Artists, Costume Designers, Film Set Runners, Director of Photography (DOPs), Foley Artists, and many of your favorite “Creative Stars”!

Becoming a talent at Kalox Stars Agency is easy. Simply pay your Membership Subscription Fee at and fill out the FORM and wait for approval.

Kalox Stars allows talents LIVING IN Sierra Leone to pay a Membership Profile Subscription fee of NLe 350 Annual (Yearly), while $30 for those LIVING OUTSIDE the country. This Website Profile Subscription is required to keep your Online Membership Profile Active to secure local and international opportunities.

Kalox Stars is an All-in-one talent agency management platform that manages creative talents, clients, and projects in the entertainment industry.

The company has Dubai-based professionals who specialize in managing creative talents, clients, and projects in the entertainment industry. We connect creative skills with local and international entertainment companies for better opportunities.

You will see our talent in local to international print work, Billboards, TV commercials, major film companies, featured films, Corporate Training Videos, spokesperson roles, promotional jobs, voice-overs, fashion shows, and live events.

We must meet everyone in person to properly critique and evaluate talent levels. We represent all talents with coaching, industry experience, or both, or new talent willing to develop.

We set aside time to meet with aspiring talents seeking representation and/or learning more about our agency. If you are under 18, we ask that you bring both parents since, at this time, you will have a chance to audition for the agency, ask questions, tour our office, and meet our staff. 

Please bring one flash drive with all possible Photos, Audio Tracks, Videos, Links, Demo Reels, Music Videos, etc., non-returnable or downloaded. The photos do not need to be professional yet to meet with us. Please bring all your professional photos if you have them!

Yes, all talent and advertisers need a membership profile, and it should be active on our website before we can submit you for projects and clients to select you from our website with it. Unfortunately, a talent without an Active membership Profile, we cannot offer you, and clients cannot find your profile on our website for projects.

For the women’s division, you must be a minimum height of 5′ 7″ and no taller than 6′ 0″ (in bare feet). We will see girls at 5’6″ between the ages of 13-16. In addition, we are looking for female talent between the sizes of 0 – 4, 10, and 14, 18, 22, 26, and 30. Beginning models are usually between the ages of 13+.

For the men’s division, your height must be between 5′ 11″ and 6′ 3″ (in bare feet) and suit size 38-42.

  1. Flash drive with all photos, videos, links, demo reels, MP3, MP4, resume, etc. if you have past experience.
  1. All talent under 18, we recommend bringing both or one parents/Guardians if possible.

Stars market their talent in different ways:

  1. Personal website page attached to their website (Over 1,000 clients view this regularly)
  2. Casting Networks (worldwide exposure)

Kalox Stars Agency submits and advertises your link online and off the website to market you to clients. You can also share your Profile Link on all Social Media Platforms for projects, where it can showcase your best Photos, Resume, and Demo Reels.

Other times, clients will ask us for recommendations of talent who fit particular requirements, like “We want to book someone who knows how to Sing or Act or edit films that is this exact talent.” That is why we upload all your marketing Photos, Audio Tracks, and Videos, a list of clients and abilities, contact info for billing, etc.

We offer a professional service and represent creative talents so they can privately access their online file with us. You can download the Kalox Stars App on the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

The owner of Kalox Stars, Obai Davis Kalokoh (Kalox), started representing talent back in 2022. He has been doing this for years and has an excellent reputation. We will be happy to furnish you with a list of clients with whom we have an ongoing working relationship. After putting our talent in thousands of films, TV series, print campaigns, live events, etc.

Visit our head office at 471 Bai-Bureh Road, Rokel, Freetown.

No, not everyone needs classes, but many people do.  Some people have zero experience and they need grooming and coaching.  If a model/actor is inexperienced, they will need some coaching. However, we’ve had models and actors walk through our doors who already have significant market experience with their professional photos and resumes, and we have signed them to the agency and started getting them booked right away.  

We encourage anyone who is brand new, to be honest with yourself.  Would you know what to do if you were put on a set before a camera and the director told you to move and create art? Would it look professional?  Or can you deliver the same line 50 times for actors but different in execution?  These are all things models, actors, and other talents should know. The bottom line is this: Classes are not mandatory, but we cannot submit talent for jobs unless they truly know what they are doing.  

When you go on an audition through your agency, you represent that agent. If you or your child show up to a job and don’t know what to do, then you have potentially jeopardized your agency’s reputation and relationship with clients. Agencies cannot allow this to happen.  If a client is offering modeling or acting fees in exchange for professional services, you have to be able to deliver.  At Kalox Stars, there are various types of talents. We will be able to define which classes can be lucrative for both of us.  We offer honest feedback to you, tell you where you are, and what you need to do to improve.

The Kalox Stars Agency can recommend talent coaches, pageant training, Makeover help, etc. Click here to enroll on KALOX ACADEMY. Visit us at 

Kalox Stars is your favorite talent agency that helps expose talent worldwide. Kalox Stars refers to a new up-and-coming talent agency ready to secure opportunities for everyone worldwide! Kalox Stars regularly book jobs for kids, teens, and adults in print, television, and film. If talent is not ready to be booked, we can provide a list of workshops and coaches.

Kalox Academy offers advanced courses in modeling, acting, singing, voice-over work, video editing, graphic designing, film directing, film production, entertaining, scriptwriting, painting, fashion designing, and personal development. We want our talent to do well in projects and auditions, so we are grateful for the countless coaches we work with!

Talent who Enrolled in Kalox Academy become more competitive and BOOK JOBS! Academy Award-winning actors, artists, models, entertainers, film directors, storytellers, and more have been training coaching, and fine-tuning their skills for years in the Kalox Academy Platform. You don’t “arrive” at your most excellent skill level overnight; you develop it by reaching 10,000 hours of working in your craft and gaining expertise!

Kalox Stars represents over 5,000 talents in Sierra Leone.  We promote and market the most successful talents based in Freetown, Lonsara, Port Loko, Kenema, Makeni, Bo, Kono, and all corners of Sierra Leone if you are an adult or teen just getting started in acting, singing, directing, video editing, graphic designing, dancing, modeling, fashion designing, blogging, scriptwriting, painting, music producing, etc.

After paying your Membership Subscription Fee, you don’t need to pay extra fees. The Kalox Stars Team will take care of other bills to keep the website up and running.

No, the Kalox Stars Membership Subscription Fee is an Annual (Yearly) fee. This Membership Subscription Fee will need to be Renewed each Year, so you don’t need to pay extra fees.

Well, to advertise and Market your Film Premiering Tickets on the Kalox Stars Platform is easy. go to the WEBSITE FOOTER and Select the category of Services you desire to advertise and market.


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