We are pleased to tell you that the KALOX TEAM will review your application and Call or Email You if you qualify for the Job Position. We’ll call or email you in one to two weeks’ time.


Kalox Media is a group of companies offering a wide range of services in digital media. Our business model encompasses buying, learning, streaming, hiring, renting, and sharing various forms of content online, utilizing the latest technologies to enhance these processes. We pride ourselves on our dedication, depth of knowledge, and focus on fulfilling our clients’ specific requirements.

Our mission at Kalox Media is to reimagine how knowledge is shared and make digital marketing a reality across Africa.  

We firmly believe in the power of digital media to improve lives and empower individuals.

One of our core values at Kalox Media is inclusivity. We wholeheartedly believe that when people feel supported and empowered, everyone benefits.

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